Dues Family

I’m Ron Dues and this is my wife, Julie, and our children, Chelsey, Leah and Brandon.

We own and operate a farrow-to-wean hog farm, which means we keep mother sows and their babies until the baby pigs are old enough to be weaned. The young pigs are then sold to another farmer who raises them to market weight. As pork producers, we continuously work to protect the water and air around us for our family and neighbors. Feel free to learn about our pork farm in our Farm Video.

As parents, we want children to learn respect for the land, pride in their work and commitment to their family and community. There’s no better way to learn these values than to live them every day.

We enjoy using pork in familiar family recipes to give them an exciting new twist.  I hope you enjoy our Sausage Meatball recipe!

Dues Family

Our Favorite Recipe

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