Stuckey Family

Hello, we’re the Stuckey family.  I’m Kevin and I've been raising pigs since I was nine.  My wife Beth also grew up on a hog, beef and grain farm in Missouri.  We really enjoyed growing up on a farm and want to teach our kids the same values we were raised with. 

Since graduating from college, I've been working on sow farms for a local, family-owned business.  A sow farm is where the pregnant mothers live and baby piglets are born and cared for until they are weaned. While some may not consider the operation I work for a traditional family farm, Beth and I cherish the opportunities it gives our family.  I'm able to provide for my family while using my education and doing something I love.  I'm part of a team that cares for each other and the animals we look after. My responsibilities have changed over the years but I still enjoy pigs as much today as I did when I was nine years old.  Most importantly,...ask my kids what I do and they'll tell you I'm a farmer, a pig farmer!      

I'm proud to raise food for my family, community and you.

Stuckey Family

Our Favorite Recipe

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